Treasure Bird

Treasure Bird

Handcrafted and vintage jewellery.

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Walter Lampl sterling silver puffy heart, circa 1940s. Pink rose and green leaves hand painted on an off white guilloche enamel background. Marked sterling with the WL makers mark, hand engraved ‘Nancy’ in cursive script. 


Sterling Silver Avocado Half Charm | Silver Star Charms


Bird Sculptures Constructed from Wire by Celia Smith. Lapwings. 30cm high. Copper wire and telephone cabling.

You Are Not Alone by tubidu, Paris Artist Illustrator #turquoise


By popular demand, here’s a PDF of instructions to make the origami stars from the Ghost Stories stage set -

We’d love to see your origami star once you’ve made it. Please post a photo (ideally taken somewhere interesting…) using #ASFOSstar. Thanks!

(Big thanks to Coldplay’s stage designer, Misty Buckley, for the instructions)


Square Swarovski Crystal Earrings in Olive Green ‘Olivine’ Choice of 14 Colours | Treasure Bird

Green Parrot Feathers

(via lostintherenaissance)


Egyptian Bastet Cat Charm.